Conceptualised and created 20 years ago, The Peak has established itself as one of the industry’s leading, up-market luxury magazine. Based on a corporate lifestyle focus, The Peak has built its reputation and presence on “Appreciating the Finer Things in Life”. With this principle in mind, The Peak has travelled the world to bring contemporary articles and stories on a wide range of topics. Ranging from interviews of leading businessmen and women to exotic faraway destinations, The Peak has grown into a recognized and reputable brand name synonymous with excellence.

With its tradition and long-standing reputation, existing and potential advertisers can rest assured that the brand association will be mutually beneficial.

A strong editorial line up is one of the key features of the magazine. A dopting a corporate lifestyle angle, The Peak has managed to bridge the gap between serious business issues and the more indulgent lifestyle topics of interest to the wealthy consumer.

The magazine is marketed first as a quality publication providing its readers with an unbiased and in-depth critique of various topics. This in turn benefits the advertisers, as we have built up a religiously loyal group of readers that have been reading our magazines since its creation coupled with our management continuing efforts to attract new readers. The Peak has managed to maintain its existing base of readers, while increasing the number of new readers.

Distribution and Marketing Position
An immediate assurance to potential advertisers is the fact that The Peak is distributed on a controlled circulation basis. Complimentary copies are distributed on a monthly basis to individual readers and corporate companies. In addition to this, the magazine is readily available in-flight on six major airlines; Lufthansa, Cathay Pacific, Air France, Malaysia Airlines, United and British Airways. The Peak also collaborates closely with the major leading hotels, business associations and the Diplomatic and Consular Corps of Singapore to increase its exposure and visibility.

The controlled distribution ensures that all advertisers enjoy guaranteed exposure to the right target audience: a wealthy, successful and discerning group of individuals that appreciates the finer things in life. The Peak has a regional reach, with editions published in Singapore, Malaysia, I ndonesia and Hong Kong.

Media and Marketing Buys
The Peak offers existing and potential client on existing range of media packages targeted at maximizing advertising investment. A two pronged approach is taken, where advertisers are provided with both advertising and branding opportunities as well as direct marketing strategies.

Campaign advertising buys are always accompanied with the opportunity of holding exclusive invite only events, allowing the advertisers direct access with our readers. This in turn would provide advertisers with an extensive and comprehensive media marketing solution.

With an established track record, The Peak offers the potential advertisers a unique and workable media solution. This is an ideal platform that caters to the luxury product and service market. A leader in its field, The Peak has managed to maintain and grow its base and reputation.

Please contact The Peak Sales and Marketing team for further details.

Christopher Chan

RA Ramesh

Elsiyah Susanto

Hong Kong
Angela Chiu

August 2017 Issue