Brief Oct-Ambah Batik-Main.jpg A Celebration of Style

Ambah Batik was founded in 2013 in Solo. A label that combines traditional batik pattersn with elegant clothing design, it is tailored to suit formal and casual occasions. Pucuk Rebung (bambo shoot) pattern is a Malay pattern that has spread across Indonesia for years. The pattern bears the philosophy that one's life must give hope and strength to others, rather like a bamboo tree.

Ambah Batik came about from concern about the welfare of Batik craftsmen. The brand contributes 50 per cent of its profits to philanthropic and sustainable economic development activities, particularly for the development of skills and the creativity of Batik craftsmen.

The brand honours the nation's rich cultural heritage by sourcing fabric locally and enhancing local small scale industry.

October 2016 Issue