feature-oct-710.jpg The Peak Interview: Up for the Challenge

When one thinks about car racing, the images that come up are of high speeds, the sound of massive engines with great horsepower – and of course the car itself. Ferrari has long established its image in the race car circuit. With sleek designs and superior engine power, Ferrari's fast cars have defined the world of motor racing for years. Throughout its history, the company has participated in various racing championships, such as the Formula 1, and for producing winners.

It's the sort of company that produces cars that many young children aspire to drive one day – perhaps even to own. The rush of sitting in the small cockpit, helmet and uniform in place, with the controls of this speed machine at one's fingertips (and feet) have captured the imagination of many youth across time, in turn producing first class racers in later years.

Indeed the image of suiting up for a drive in these vehicles of both luxury and speed fuels passions like no other. And so it is goes for David  Tjiptobiantoro and Gregory Teo, founders of T2 Motorsports.  Brought together by a common dedication and love for Ferrari and racing, both have a broad experience in several international racing events such as the Ferrari Challenge Asia Pacific.

This special partnership is the first cross-straits racing team formed between Singapore and Indonesia, a first in Southeast Asia. The team is completed by two other drivers, Head Coach for Ferrari Challenge Asia Pacific Christian Colombo from Italy and noted Korean actor Jeong Hoon Yeon.

Features Oct-Dita Soedarjo-Main.jpg HELPING HAND

For 24-year old Dita Soedarjo, life is not about frivolous pursuits. Combining her interest in history and reading with her passion for social causes, she recently founded Let's Share, an initiative that strives to educate orphans in Jakarta.

“I simply love being around children. They are fun to be with. Hence I decided to come up with [this] project where with the help of my friends. We want to give these young children a better future,”  Dita says of her project, which was inspired by an orphanage her grandfather owns.

The recipients of this project are those who have have been living on the street, or from broken homes.

“Back when I was studying in Los Angeles, I liked volunteering. I helped homeless people; it was a sad situation. Meanwhile, here in Jakarta, my grandfather runs an orphanage where I also help around including sponsoring the kids to go to school, even managing their medical care with treatments such as for the cataract and cleft mouths operations,” she says, adding that the project also ensures that the children have access to proper medical care.

One of the many challenges that she has had to face is dealing with the children's psychological issues.

“We are talking about children that were picked up from the streets and we all know that the street life is not exactly pretty. In fact, you will be surprised by some of the hardships that these kids have gone through such as dancing and singing on the street; being passed around to perform on cheap stages without  proper accommodation,” she says.

Features Oct-Reino Barack-Main.jpg A POSITIVE INFLUENCE

Entrepreneur, Producer, philanthropist. Indeed Reino Barck wears multiple hats and has his hands in various fields. The debonair gentleman arrives for our meeting, decked out in a business suit and, as he begins to tell us his story, it is evident he has an air of casual sophistication about him. Currently involved in the food and beverage industry (he owns multiple establishments such as Valentino, Cloud, Altitude and Akira Back among others), Reino also produces the popular children's television programme "Bima Satria Garuda". These varied projects reflect his eclectic personality, shaped by his multi cultural background and international education.

Raised by his Japanese mother and part Japanese -part Indonesian father in Jakarta, Reino departed for Switzerland in his adolescence from where he finished his schooling and then later to Paris where he earned his bachelor's in finance. Following stints at Merrill Lynch in Tokyo and Ernst & Young - where he worked with mergers and acquisitions, he returned to Jakarta in 2008 and joined the media conglomerate MNC group. This was during the early days of digital work and he helped spearhead e-commerce ventures.

October 2016 Issue