lifestyle-oct-16-710x350.png A Tranquil Oasis

On the banks of the Ayung river with tumbling rice terraces and a bamboo bridge linking two traditional kings of badung and Gianyar is the Permata Ayung Resort. On a recent weekend I had the opportunity to visit this incredible space and experience first hand the combination of stunning visual beauty and our rich cultural heritage. The property mirrors the four sacred directions of the Balinese rose or compass — the sacred mountains from which the waters descend, the east and the rising sun, the south and the powerful forces of the ocean all to which all material things eventually return and the west and the domanin of the ancestors.

The resort presents the original feel of Bali while showcasing parts of Indonesia's cultural traditions by way of the furniture design and the general ambience.

Created by Dutch businessman Henk de Vries and his wife Willie, the resort is a private getaway that is operated by invitation only. The resort is designed keeping the surroundings' welfar in mind and some of the bamboo designs are the work of John Hardy and his daughter Elora and her team from Ibuku.   

October 2016 Issue