710x350-Leadership.jpg A Life of Meaningful Leadership

“When I turned 40 ten years ago I felt bored, unmotivated,” recalls Darwin Silalahi, “even though some felt that I had achieved a lot in the first 18 years of my career. I felt a sense of emptiness within myself and a lack of personal direction going forward.”

He decided then that he needed to step back and take stock of what was happening in his life. A former boss at BP had gone through an Advanced Management Program at Harvard University and pronounced it a life-changing experience; Booz Allen Hamilton, a strategic management firm which Darwin helmed, agreed to release him for the 12-week course, thus kick starting a transformation of sorts for the CEO.

The programme featured a roll of world-class professors. “Leadership is the art to choose to defeat oneself, to forget the bitterness of the past and shift focus to develop a better future,” he learnt. Another key takeaway was a deep sense of purpose in the career facet of his life – the ability to be a catalyst or to inspire scalable change.

710x350-Younique.jpg Truly YOUnique

Luwi Saluadji has been a go-to fashion designer for men in Indonesia since the late ‘90s and with each suit and traditional batik shirt, he has helped to establish a men’s fashion niche here, notably against a formidable tide of womenswear designers.

Recently, he decided to take it one step further and help his clients “dress” their inner selves. U+ is a collaboration with renowned public speaker Uli Herdinansyah, who works on a client’s public presentation skills, and Deborah Dewi, a graphologist to train the subconscious mind. A rather rare sight in Indonesia, a graphologist is someone who can read a person’s personality from their handwriting.

“The purpose is not to change anyone, but rather to empower them to unveil their hidden potential,” says Uli. “Everybody wants to be an impactful person; only then can we achieve more.”

710x350-Serene.jpg Simply Serene

Evolution, voice, space. These are words that litter Thomas Pheasant’s description of his journey as an artist and designer. Based in Washington DC, Pheasant’s name has regularly appeared among Architectural Digest magazine’s list of the 100 most influential designers and architects in the world.

Having been in the business for more than 30 years, Pheasant has created his own style and found his own voice. The success he has enjoyed in Asia is now pushing him to establish a design studio in Singapore, which he described as a new direction for him and his work. “My recent travels have confirmed that there is a big market for good ideas in Asia.”

His goal would be to work on designing unique pieces and limited editions to expand his furniture range. Apart from furniture, he is also keen to develop larger projects that carry a strong Thomas Pheasant message. “My dream job in Asia would be a hotel that offers a new vision of classical design,” he noted. “I want to design not just the physical spaces but everything from furniture to uniforms to the linen. I would find that very exciting.”

May 2013 Issue